Inspiration for Crimson Gold

In the fall of 1939, my grandfather’s brother, Frank and Frank’s wife, Helena were murdered near their cabin in the Dutch Hills. Frank was a successful prospector in Alaska and left a large estate that included several gold mines and 7,000 acres of property. Their murders have never been solved.

Delayed by inclement weather in Alaska, my grandfather, Charles, was forced to wait until the spring of 1940 to embark on his journey from Southern California to Alaska to claim Frank’s estate. He stayed in Alaska for five months. My grandparents exchanged several letters during his time in Alaska. I am fortunate to have possession of the letters. Among the letters I found a telegram and a letter from the authorities in Alaska and copies of the letter and telegram have been sent to the Historical Museum in Talkeetna, Alaska.

My book is a fiction based on the true story. Writing a story based on fact and fiction was a challenge I totally enjoyed.

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Crimson Gold – Murder in 1939 Alaska

Welcome to my new blog.

I am a mystery writer. I published my first book, Crimson Gold,  in 2013. My book is a fiction based on a true family murder mystery. The story takes place in the prospecting community in the Dutch Hills. Four people have been found dead. Three have been brutally murdered and one has been found with a gunshot wound to the head. What starts out as a simple murder/suicide case soon takes a chilling turn.

The purpose of my blog is to share my family’s story that inspired me to write ‘Crimson Gold’.